Pro Features

We have some features in our tools that are marked as "Pro" feature. These features are only available to registered users. You can create a free account and get access to these features.

The "Pro Features" are currently under active development and will be added piece by piece in most tools over the next few months.

Pro features include the following options & functions:

  • Automatic password protection for generated files. This will encrypt the generated files using the AES-256 encryption method. You can read more about this in our article about file security: File Security Guide.
  • Save files longer and share them with others. This feature allows you to specify whether and how long converted and generated files should be stored on the server. The files can be deleted at any time earlier.
  • Batch processing files. With this soon-to-be available feature, it is possible to upload hundreds of files at once and convert them with the desired settings.

The Pro features are especially aimed at productions with high security requirements and large amounts of data.