8K Letterbox & Pillarbox Bundle
Editing Assets

This specially designed collection contains the most common letterboxes and pillarboxes used in film post-production. The overlays are sorted by category and can be inserted directly into the sequence. They are also optimized for memory and rendering performance, making them unique in their kind. All files are in PNG format with transparency and are compatible with all major editing programs.


  • Over 500+ files
  • Optimized PNG files with transparency
  • Up to 8K resolution
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Organized into structured folders

License and usage

  • Royalty-free (RF) license
  • Commercial use (e.g. advertising, feature films, TV & VOD series, promotion, YouTube, social media,...)
  • Worldwide and unlimited
  • Unlimited number of videos and clients

Files from the bundle may not be redistributed or sold. This applies to modified and unmodified files. The license is bound to one user and cannot be transferred to another person.

Bundle comparison

Resolutions 1920x1080 (FULL HD)
2048x1080 (2K)
1920x1080 (FULL HD)
2048x1080 (2K)
3840x2160 (UHD)
4096x2160 (4K)
6144x3240 (6K)
7680x4320 (UHD2)
8192x4320 (8K)
Framerates Works with all frame rates Works with all frame rates
Files 100+ files (PNG+ALPHA) 500+ files (PNG+ALPHA)
Supported Software Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, ByteDance Cape Cut, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Nuke, Open Broadcaster Software, Pinnacle Studio, Premiere Rush and many other video-editing softwares.
Price Free for registered users Free for Pro member
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Organization is key

All files in the bundle are organized into folders for resolutions and colors. The naming of the files follows a defined pattern: Object type, sequence resolution, letterbox/pillarbox aspect ratio, known name, color (if not black). This makes it easy to get all the important details about the file by simply reading the file name. We also made sure that there were no spaces or special characters in our filenames.

Our collection contains overlays in an optimized format. They are very small in file size and help to get a better performance in editing and rendering times. The letterboxes and pillarboxes can be used as an overlay and are not lost when the project is moved to another software for grading

File Previews

Resolutions in comparison

16:9 Resolutions

These aspect ratios and resolutions are commonly used for television, online videos, and digital displays.

2K (Full HD)1920x1080
4K (UHD)3840x2160
8K (UHD2)7680x4320

DCI Resolutions

Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) resolutions refer to standardized digital projection formats used in commercial cinemas.