Text To Speech | Voci naturali

Crea voci dal suono naturale, dialoghi, voci fuori campo, segnaposti e altri layout di testo. Le voci sono state ottimizzate con l'aiuto di un motore neurale.

Formato di esportazione

Le Voci


Under "more options" the reading speed can be changed. Here are some examples of what the speed change sounds like.

+0% (Standard)


Under "more options" you can change the pitch of the voice. Here are some examples of what the pitch sounds like.

+0% (Standard)

Controlli avanzati

Con l'uso dei tag SSML, puoi cambiare il tono e l'enfasi per qualsiasi parola o frase.

GruppoTag SSMLDemo
Break <break time='500ms' />
<break time='1s' />
<break time='2s' />
<break time='3s' />
<break time='4s' />
Enfasi <emphasis level='moderate'>Moderate</emphasis>
<emphasis level='reduced'>Reduced</emphasis>
<emphasis level='strong'>Strong</emphasis>
Pitch <prosody pitch='x-high'>Higher</prosody>
<prosody pitch='high'>High</prosody>
<prosody pitch='medium'>Default - No Pitch</prosody>
<prosody pitch='low'>Low</prosody>
<prosody pitch='x-low'>Lower</prosody>
Velocità <prosody rate='x-slow'>Slower</prosody>
<prosody rate='slow'>Slow</prosody>
<prosody rate='medium'>Default - Medium</prosody>
<prosody rate='fast'>Fast</prosody>
<prosody rate='x-fast'>Faster</prosody>
Cifre <say-as interpret-as="digits">123456789</say-as>
Lettere <say-as interpret-as="letters">How are you?</say-as>
Data* <say-as interpret-as="date" format="mdy">05/25/24</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="date" format="ymd">24/05/25</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="date" format="dmy">25/05/24</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="date" format="ydm">24/25/05</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="date" format="my">05/24</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="date" format="md">05/25</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="date" format="ym">24/05</say-as>
(ISO 4217)
<say-as interpret-as="vxml:currency">EUR10.50</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="vxml:currency">USD10.50</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="vxml:currency">GBP10.50</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="vxml:currency">CHF10.50</say-as>

Telefono* <say-as interpret-as="number" format="telephone">012-345-6789</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="number" format="telephone" detail="punctuation">012-345-6789</say-as>
<say-as interpret-as="number" format="telephone" detail="punctuation">+49 1234 56 789</say-as>

* Questa espressione SSML funziona solo con le voci inglesi.

Demo di testo con tag SSML

Combina i tag SSML The upgrade costs <prosody rate='x-fast'><say-as interpret-as="vxml:currency">EUR10.50</say-as></prosody>
Testo lungo con tag SSML A film, also called a <emphasis level='strong'>movie</emphasis>, <emphasis level='strong'>motion picture</emphasis> or <emphasis level='strong'>moving picture</emphasis>, is a work of visual art used to simulate experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere through the use of moving images. These images are generally accompanied by <prosody pitch='x-high'>sound, and more rarely</prosody>, other sensory stimulations.<break time='500ms' />The word cinema, <prosody rate='x-fast'>short for cinematography</prosody>, is often used to refer to filmmaking and the film industry, and to the art form that is the result of it.


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